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Niagara Industries International Ltd., a privately held corporation of the Niagara Group, was established in Toronto, Canada in 1995 to continue the business of Miraf Trading, a Russian-Canadian company that was part of Miraf Holding, associated with the Niagara Group by common ownership.

Miraf was incorporated on May 25, 1990 in Panama City and was formed from two companies: Motoros Internationalis (a Panamanian corporation which was the world's biggest supplier of Lada cars and spare parts for Nissan) and RAF, a minivan plant in Latvia, where Miraf remained a dealer until the end of the plant's existence, supplying minivans to Latin America and the CIS countries until the last minibus rolled off the assembly line in 1996. Miraf was also a Peugeot dealer in the Russian Federation.

Miraf developed in to a group of 18 companies providing automotive and consumer services including; a trucking customs yard, a taxi depot, shopping malls, a bank, auto service stations for RAF, Lada and Peugeot, and a shop for the conversion of RAF minivans for special purposes etc.

Over the past 27 years, Niagara Industries has accumulated significant experience in a wide range of industries by developing close ties with innovative industry leaders, and has successfully participated in joint projects with various Canadian and foreign companies.


Niagara Industries played a key role in the following projects:

∙ Export of cars, spare parts and Siboil lubricants from Canada and the USA;

∙ Selection of components for complex machinery and equipment specifically operating in the extreme conditions of northern climates;

∙ Implementation of construction technologies for the construction of walls using reinforced concrete panels;

∙ Delivery of original piping systems for quick filling of petrol tankers on ice; in the conditions of limited navigation without approaching the unloading terminal in the severe weather conditions of northern climates.


Niagara Industries has been involved in various industrial and civil engineering projects with companies such as Elver Enterprises Ltd., ELM Developments Corp. and Siboil Company:

∙ Construction of condominiums, apartment buildings, townhouses and upscale residential homes in Ontario and Alberta, Canada;

∙ Construction of administrative and commercial buildings in Moscow, Astana and in Alberta

∙ Construction of Sibneft gas stations in Omsk, Almaty and Astana.


Niagara Industries also participated in the organization of a project for the processing of municipal solid waste (MSW) into energy in the Moscow Region, together with one of the leading technology suppliers in the MSW processing industry - Sentinel Waste International Ltd., (the project was suspended by the regional Government due to legislative complexities around imposing tariffs for the processing of MSW).

Siboil Gast Station in Omsk, Russia

Sibneft Gas Station in Omsk, Russia

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Project o Moscow Region by Sentinel Waste International Ltd. 

Currently, Niagara Industries International Ltd. is concentrating all resources on the supply of spare parts and consumables for cars and trucks, as well as mining dump trucks of various carrying capacities.

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ELM Developments
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